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A whole new world from

            Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, and New York

            American Airlines is launching new flights between Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami and New York to Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV).
            Customers have the option to travel in Flagship® Business, Premium Economy or Main Cabin. Wi-Fi and inflight
            entertainment are available throughout the aircraft, and customers can pre-order Kosher meals and can look
            forward to Kosher wine in all classes of service.

            Flight schedule

              Effective      Departure    Departure Time    Arrival    Arrival Time     EQP        Frequency

              May 6, 2021    JFK          11:10 PM          TLV        5:15 PM +1       777-2      Daily

              Jun 4, 2021    MIA          8:00 PM           TLV        3:10 PM +1       777-2      3x Weekly

              Oct 31, 2022   DFW          10:05 PM          TLV        6:00 PM +1       777-2      3x Weekly

            American Airlines and the Flight Symbol logo are marks of American Airlines, Inc.          world is a mark of the          world Alliance, LLC. © 2022 American Airlines, Inc. All rights  one
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