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Luxurious Herodian bath.
        Below: Masada’s northern cliff
        - overlooks Dead Sea Valley.
        Photos: Avinoam Michaeli, Israel
        Nature and Parks Authority

                       Nonstop                               What exactly is it about Masada that excites us to
                                                             our core and never stops taking our breath away?

                                                                                  Sas Fialko
                                                                                      he mountain that proudly rises above
                                                                                      the Dead Sea has witnessed many
                                                                                      upheavals. After 2,000 years, Masada
                                                                                      received international recognition as a
                                                                                  T UNESCO World Heritage Site. Throngs
                                                                                  of visitors flock there and bring the place to life
                                                                                  night and day, so what makes it so special?
                                                                                  Fortunately, beyond the archaeological
                                                                                  remains and the spectacular view, there
                                                                                  survives an incredible historical tale, told by
                                                                                  Joseph Ben Mattathias (a Jewish historian
                                                                                  who worked for the Romans during the first
                                                                                  century C.E., also known by the Roman name
                                                                                  Josephus Flavius) in his book The Wars of the
                                                                                  Jews. The climax of the story is when Elazar
                                                                                  Ben Yair, leader of the zealots, called for the
                                                                                  besieged on the mountain to commit suicide
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