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By Reuven Doron                    What  is  it  that  has  drawn  so  many  devout   During the Israelite First and Second Temple
           Photo: courtesy of the IMOT, by Noam Chen  Jews to this particular burial site over many   periods,  Jerusalem  and  the  Temple  Mount
                                              centuries? What are the biblical treasures that   were  the  center  of  Israel’s  cultural,  social
                                              call for the devotion and affection of millions   and religious life. Due to its proximity to the
                                              of Christians from around the world for nearly   Temple, the mountain was attributed special
                                              2,000  years?  And  what  do  Muslims  revere   religious significance and gained importance
                                              and worship in this mountain? The discerning   for Israel’s religious services and ceremonies.
                                              traveler  will  find  answers  to  these  questions
                                              not only in the mountain’s historical past, but   It was from that mountaintop overlooking the
               tretching prominently on the eastern   also  in  its  remarkable  present,  as  well  as  its   Temple Courts that Jesus gave His epic Olivet
               flank  of  Jerusalem  just  across  the   intriguing future as it appears in Bible prophecy.  Discourse (Mathew 24), and it was from the
               Kidron Valley, one cannot miss the                                 eastern  slopes  of  the  Mount  of  Olives  that
               impressive  outline  of  the  Mount  of                            Jesus was recorded to have been ascended
           SOlives.  Mentioned  in  many  biblical   History of the Mount of Olives  to  heaven  (Luke  24:50-51).  Even  after  the
           stories  and  events,  this  mountain  range  is   Since the dawn of recorded history, long before   destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD,
           home for rich history, fascinating archaeology   Jerusalem became King David’s Capital City,   the  surviving  Jewish  population  used  the
           and unending religious fervor.     the  Mount  of  Olives  served  as  the  eastern   Mount  of  Olives  to  celebrate  biblical  feasts
                                              border  of  Jerusalem,  or  Salem  of  ancient   and perform religious ceremonies throughout
           While the majority of the present day residents   times, creating a natural barrier between the   the long centuries during which they had no
           who live on the Mount of Olives today are of   city and the Judean Desert to the east. This is   access to Jerusalem itself.
           Arab descent (Muslims and Christians alike),   the reason some scholars interpret the name
           the  largest  and  oldest  Jewish  cemetery  in   ZION (often referred to Jerusalem) as “the city   Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War (Israel’s
           the world is stretching across the western,   on the edge of the wilderness,” since ZION   war of independence), the country of Jordan
           southern and eastern slopes of the mountain,   in the Hebrew language is a derivative of the   was in control of the area and Israelis were
           totaling more than 120,000 graves!  word “TZI-YA” meaning wilderness.  not permitted to visit the Mount of Olives. The

                                                                                          Sweeping views of the Mount of Olives

              The historical fascination of the

              Mount of Olives

               A major site of biblical treasures and religious significance

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