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The sea and

           all its treasures

            An ancient king and a modern heroine both left their marks
            on Caesarea, where touring, learning, shopping and a
            Mediterranean swim make for a perfect day

            By Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

           A    lmost two millennia ago, King Herod   the  way  past  the  kibbutz  floor-tile  factory  –   the  literary  talent  of  her  father,  a  well-known
                the  Great  built  his  magnificent  port
                                                                                  writer.  The  rise  of  anti-Semitism  in  Hungary
                                              called  Caesarstone,  of  course  –  along  the
                                              narrow pathways to a plain, low-slung building
                                                                                  spurred her discovery of Judaism and Zionism.
                at Caesarea to last forever. Indeed,
                its remains are monumental, even
                                                                                  She  committed  herself  ardently  to  both  and
                                              with a glimpse of the sea.
                underwater, where you can scuba-dive
           to see them. But not everything memorable   Hannah Senesh herself symbolizes the   immigrated to Palestine in 1939.
           at  Caesarea  is  colossal.  In  fact,  your  most   pathway of many European Jews in modern   “Her determination knew no bounds,” Palgi
           moving  moments  there  might  be  at  a  place   times,  House  director  Adva  Palgi  is  quick  to   says. “She learned Hebrew, and her poetry and
           that is rather easy to miss – the Hannah   point out. Born in 1921, Hannah grew up in   diary entries from her years in Palestine are all in
           Senesh House at Kibbutz Sdot Yam, next door   an  assimilated  upper-class  Jewish  family  in   Hebrew. Palgi, who with some encouragement
           to Caesarea National Park. A small sign points   Budapest.  She  excelled  in  school,  inheriting   will reveal her own story to visitors, also knows
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