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                               Israel Tour Journal.

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                        others will receive a discount code.

                                                     A full-color, personal journal designed to help you make
                                                     the most of your journey to the Land of the Bible.  Each
                                                     beautifully  designed  page  describes  an  important  bibli-
                                                     cal site; offers spiritual application, modern life lessons
                                                     and Scripture verses; and provides a place to chronicle
                                                     thoughts and reactions, creating memories that will last
                                                     forever.    For  those  who  are  unable  to  visit  the  Land  in
                                                     person, the Israel Tour  Journal makes a great Bible com-
                                                     panion and study guide, helping you encounter the Land
                                                     without ever leaving home.

                      Bridges for Peace                                       Photo by: D’Arcy Leck Photography
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