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W                                  perform a mass with thousands of
           By Julia Mersky
                   hile the history of Jerusalem and
                   the dazzling lights of Tel Aviv might
                   be what first brings you to Israel,
                   it  won’t take  long before you’re  What  You’ll  Find  Along
                   captured  by  the  stunning  and  The Trail
           unique natural wonders that this country has   The main hiking route starts in
           to offer. From the mountains of the north to   Nazareth, where many travelers
           the deserts of the south, Israel is an exquisite   choose to spend time at our hostel
           destination  for  outdoor  enthusiasts  and   there,  Fauzi  Azar,  and  it  ends  in
           nature lovers.                     Capernaum, which was an ancient
                                              fishing village nestled along the Sea
           In the Galilee region of Northern Israel, the   of Galilee. Here’s some information
           picturesque terrain is dotted by archeological   about those stops, and other
           and historical sites dating back thousands of   incredible places that you’ll pass
           years. Hikers and pilgrims come to this region   through on the trail:
           to set foot on a 65-kilometer hiking trail that
           winds through the landscape, and you’ve   ● Nazareth: The childhood home
           probably heard of the person who first walked   of Jesus will be your first stop, and
           this path: Jesus.                  there is much to see and do here.
                                              In downtown Nazareth you can visit
           The Jesus Trail takes travelers on an authentic   the Church of the Annunciation, the
           journey  by  foot  to  sites  that  were  significant   largest church in the Middle East,
           to the life of Jesus, and it’s not only intended   as well as Saint Joseph’s Church,
           for those interested in a religious pilgrimage   where Joseph was believed to have
           or spiritual journey. The trail is actually an epic   had his workshop.
           hiking route in the Middle East where you’ll see
           forests, ancient olive groves, rugged cliffs, and   ●  Nebi  Shu’eib: The huge
           the stunning Sea of Galilee.       mosque-like structure of Nebi
                                              Shu’eib may be one of the most
           Created with the intention of fostering   unique and impressive sites you
           understanding  between  people  of  all  pass on The Jesus Trail, and is
           nationalities, cultures and religions, the trail also   significant  to  those  of  the  Druze
           seeks to provide economic stimulus to the local   religion. The Druze religion dates
           communities through grassroots ecotourism.  back  to  10th  century  Egypt,  and
                                              while Druze are Arab culturally                        Hikers in Mount Arbel
           What Is The Jesus Trail?           and  use  the  Arabic  language,  they  maintain
           While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Jesus   separation  from the mainstream  Muslim  and
           spent his days, the founders of The Jesus Trail   Christian Arabs in Israel.
           turned to the Bible to create this world-class                         to Jesus spending time in Capernaum in the
           trekking route. Created in 2009, the trail was   ● Arbel: The Cliffs of Arbel are a must-see   New Testament.
           co-founded by one of the intrepid founders of   in Israel, standing 700 feet above the Sea
           Abraham Hostel.                    of Galilee. The Jesus Trail will take you on   Will You Meet Locals?
                                              a  steep  but  stunning  route  down  the  cliffs,   The Jesus Trail was created with the intention
           It has since grown to become one of the greatest   where you can see 17th century cliff dwellings   of being a meeting point for the diverse
           hikes in the world. After it was founded, the   built by the Druze.    communities that represent Israeli society, such
           trail was quickly approved by Israel’s Society                         as Israeli-Arabs, Druze and Orthodox Jews.
           for Protection of Nature, and shortly afterwards   ●  Capernaum:  This  ancient  fishing  village   While walking the trail, you’ll pass through local
           was visited by the now-retired Pope Benedict   served as Jesus’ home during his ministry   communities and have the opportunity to stay
           XVI (while the Pope did not hike the trail, he did   in the region, and there are many references   in accommodations run by locals.

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