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Immerse Yourself in the Bible

 and the Land of Israel

                                                                                          Surveying relative heights during
                                                                                          excavation at Abel Beth Macaah.

                                        Old City Wall. Photo: IMOT Flickr. Photographer: Noam Chen  Photo: Richard Liverance.

           relocated with his family to Jerusalem to   Getting to Know Israel Beyond
           commence his studies at Hebrew University.   the Classroom
                                              Beyond invaluable input for their professional
           A joint venture of Hebrew University’s Rothberg   careers, Hebrew University students will
           International School (RIS) and the Paul   also  gain  intimate knowledge  of Israel.
           Baerwald School of Social Work and Social   Extracurricular guided tours and activities led
           Welfare, this 1-year program course covers   by the university are designed to complement
           organizational,  social,  and  financial  aspects   the  studies,  for  example,  a  trip  to  the  town
           of nonprofit management and leadership. Nic   of  Nazareth, where the Archangel  Gabriel   Pursuing a degree at Hebrew University is truly
           was particularly impressed with the teaching   announced the future birth of Jesus to Mary   life-changing, in every respect. HUJI students
           staff: “Our lecturers were challenging, but very   (Luke  1:26–31).  Language  exchange  offers   experience the Holy Land in a way that is
           open-minded and also approachable at all   and  HUJI’s  Buddy  program  will  help  you   fundamentally  different  from  impressions
           times, which was refreshing.”      meet Israeli students so that you can get an   one gains as a tourist, since they become
                                              authentic perspective on life in Israel.   an inseparable part of the Holy Land, which
                                                                                  is also what Richard appreciates: “I feel as
           Today  Nic  leads  the  Gateway  Center  for                           though I have become a part of Israel’s story
           Israel,  a  Christian  non-profit  organization  in   Become a Part of Jerusalem’s   by being here. Every day I encounter the
           Southlake, Texas. He is convinced that his   Christian Community       wonder of Israel in Jerusalem, the very center
           study experience at HUJI paved the way for   While living in Jerusalem, you will also have   of God’s redemptive plan for the earth. I really
           his important work. “The non-profit world is all   the  once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity  of  joining   can’t think of a better place to study.”
           about building relationships and alliances, and   the Christian community in the Holy City and
           building trust with others to get work done,   having an impact as a community member.
           and I learned during my studies that much of   Jerusalem’s Old City is home to many Christian
           that is achieved through embracing diversity,”   congregations, and you will certainly also find   For information on HUJI’s more than 50
                                                                                  English-language degree programs, please visit
           Nic says.                          one that suits your spiritual needs.

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