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Entrance to the City of David.
        Photo: AnaRina Kreisman

           will teach us of His ways, and we will walk   Hence the clear connection between the   will also ascend to Jerusalem (Zach. 14:16,
           in His paths.' For out of Zion shall go forth   rediscovery of ancient Biblical Jerusalem   Jer. 56:7 and many more). In true Biblical form,
           the Torah, and the word of the L-RD from   and the waves of Aliyah which followed.   the reason for this is hidden in another verse:
           Jerusalem.” - Isaiah 2:3.          Even though Jerusalem is situated at a higher   But of Zion it will be said, "Everyone was
           Aliyah is the term currently used to describe   altitude than most of the country, the Biblical   born in her, and the Most High Himself will
           the immigration of Jews to Israel. This in itself   reference  to  Aliyah  never  referred  only  to   establish her." (Psalm 87:5).
           is  the  prophetic  fulfillment  of  the  ingathering   the mere physical ascent; it was primarily of
           of the exiles. The word “Aliyah” is Hebrew   a spiritual nature. The earthly Jerusalem’s   There is an awakening of the spirit and
           for ascension, to “go up.” It preceded the   spiritual status surpasses any other place in   significance  of  Jerusalem  in  the  hearts  of
           modern-day usage of the word by about   the world and the physical city plays a pivotal   many. They yearn  to  be  reconnected to this
           3,300 years and was originally used for the   part in G-d’s Redemption process. The Bible   place, reconciled with a long-lost loved one.
           ascension or pilgrimage to Jerusalem during   reiterates this continuously.  Jerusalem is quickly growing from a blip on the
           the three Biblical festivals of Pesach (Passover),                     radar screen to the central focus of the world’s
           Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) and Sukkot (Feast of   The State of Israel, therefore, saw it fit to use   consciousness.
           Tabernacles).                      the same term for the Jewish People’s return to   “For the L-RD has  chosen  Zion;  He  has
                                              Zion – the Land of Israel, and more specifically,
           Jerusalem was the heart, and the Temple   to describe the ascent to Jerusalem.  desired it for His dwelling place” Psalm
           was the inner and most important chamber                               132:13.
           of that heart. As the Jewish People continually   Jerusalem was the seat of government that   So why wait? If she is the center of G-d’s desire,
           ascended and returned to their homes, the   ruled the people with wisdom and integrity – a   that by default makes her yours too. It’s time to
           Torah  flowed  from  Jerusalem,  constantly   legacy left by King David. In her peak during   come up to Jerusalem. It’s time for your feet to
           pulsing through Israel's veins, bringing well-  the peaceful reign of Solomon, Jerusalem was   walk the ancient, eternal paths and embrace
           being and prosperity to its people.   a place of Godly inspiration, a center where fair   the city of cities. Like you, the city yearns to be
                                              and righteous judgment flowed like a healing
           Just as these festive occasions are central to   balm to the people and all nations.   reconciled with of all her children. Book your
           G-d’s eternal covenant with the Jewish people,                         ticket and join the next group coming to Israel.
           so is Jerusalem – the place of G-d’s desire and   Therefore, it is also clear to every well-versed
           choosing, His place of meeting.    Bible believer that in the days coming, nations

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