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something about  determination  – her father   it was brought to Israel and was installed at   of the Crusader city of Caesarea embrace not
           captained two ships bringing illegal immigrants   Beit Hannah Senesh on November 7, 2007,   only additional antiquities, but also a wonderful
           to the shores of Caesarea; the second one, the   exactly 63 years after Hannah’s execution.   collection of shops.
           “Hannah Senesh,” stole ashore at Nahariya on
           Christmas Eve of 1945, while the British were   The Hannah Senesh Legacy Foundation is   At the multimedia presentation Time Trek,
           celebrating.                       now  seeking  to  expand  and  upgrade  the   visitors of all ages can enjoy the computer-
                                              premises of the Hannah Senesh House, with   generated images that bring to life a host
           Senesh joined Kibbutz Sdot Yam, then   its all-too-modest exhibit of photographs   of Caesarea legends. The images – which
           known as Kibbutz Caesarea. “On the Way to   and documents, and a touching audiovisual   include Herod, Rabbi Akiva (who supported
           Caesarea,” the original title of her famed poem   presentation.        the Jewish rebellion of 132-135 CE and was
           that begins “O Lord, my God, I pray that these                         executed here by the Romans), King Louis IX
           things never end, the sand and the sea…” was   A  2008  film  on  Senesh,  called  “Blessed  is   of France, Baron Edmond de Rothschild (who
           written about this move.           the Match” after a famed line from one of   bought land in Caesarea), and Hannah Senesh
                                              her poems, incorporates previously unknown   invite  you  to  ask  them  questions  and  use
           When word of the destruction of the Jewish   information about her life and mission.  exciting technology to rebuild and repopulate
           people in Nazi Europe trickled out to the                              the ruins in all their ancient glory, from Herod’s
           Jews in Palestine, Senesh was consumed   Senesh left her poems and diaries behind in   harbour, to the earthquakes that brought the
           by the need to return to Hungary, to try to   a small suitcase on the kibbutz. Her writings   city crashing down, to the charging armies
           rescue young Jewish people, and her own   became an inspiration to all who watched the   and  flaming  arrows.  The  Israel  Nature  and
           mother.   Together with  a group  of Palmach   young State of Israel face a sea of hardships.   Parks Authority and the Caesarea Edmond
           men and women, she joined a unit of the   The words “Time will tell the rest” are the last   Benjamin de Rothschild Corporation have also
           British army, which was eager to upgrade its   words she ever wrote in her diary. Time is   inaugurated an underwater archaeological
           human intelligence behind enemy lines. She   indeed telling the rest. Besides Caesarstone, its   park. Its underwater guided tour of remnants
           trained in Egypt as a paratrooper and took   small quartz surface empire, Kibbutz Sdot Yam   of the ancient port is said to be the first of its
           the code name Hagar. On March 13, 1944,   owns and operates Kef Yam, which provides a   kind in the world.
           she parachuted into occupied Yugoslavia and   plethora of tourist services, including sailboat
           crossed the border into Hungary. The next   rentals  and  catered  events  in  its  beachside   When it’s time to take a load off tired tourist feet,
           day she was captured, and turned over by   garden.                     enjoy a swim at the Caesarea Beach Club, or
           the Hungarians to the Gestapo. Despite being                           take a refreshing break at one of the Crusader
           tortured by the Nazis, she did not reveal the   The Sdot Yam archaeological museum   city’s restaurants or cafes. The view from your
           secrets of her mission. She was executed by   contains  a  beautiful  collection  of  antiquities   table, of fisherman on the quay splashed by
           firing squad on November 7, 1944.  from every era at Caesarea, and when   the Mediterranean spray and the divers as they
                                              knowledgeable museum guide Arnon Angert   head out to seek submerged treasure, adds
           Strange, but true, Hannah was buried in   walks and talks you through it, you can almost   the perfect touch to this fun and fulfilling day.
           the Jewish cemetery in Budapest, where   feel them come alive.
           her  mother  later  found  her  grave.  When
           Hannah’s remains were brought to Israel in   Caesarea  National  Park  encompasses  For further information about the Hannah Senesh
                                                                                  House, call: 04-636-4366, visit www.hannahsenesh.
           1950,  a monument  that  Hannah’s mother   monumental remains, with highlights including, or contact Eitan Senesh, Hannah’s nephew,
           had commissioned from a sculptor friend   the amphitheatre and stadium of Herod’s first-  at For more information
           to  mark  the  grave  was  left  behind.  In  2007,   century showcase city and harbour. The walls   about Caesarea's harbour, call *6550, or visit www.

       Newly displayed lid of a 1,700-year-old   Roman ruins with a view of the Mediterranean. Photo: Itamar Grinberg.   Herod’s ancient storehouses at Caesarea National Park.
       sarcophagus. Photo: Caesarea Development   On top: restaurants overlook the private beach at Caesarea, with the city's   Photo: Caesarea Development Corporation
       Corporation                     medievel ruins in the background. Photo: Caesarea Development Corporation

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