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Breaking Bread                                                                                       Photos: Haim Yosef

           seeds.  The  instructions  specified  adding   we use, and the bread we eat here is in   bread, from hard wheat; the bread that is
           a lot of olive oil on top (similar to what we   no way similar to the bread eaten here   nourishing, and was feeding the land; bread
           do), sprinkled with pistachio and eaten with   through history. Only the name remained. All   that will connect us to the land.
           bread or pita.                     throughout history, the bread here was made
                                              of different types of local wheats that were   I  still  cook  and  gather  stories  on  my  way.
           I  have  prepared  it  in  Nazareth,  in  a  tiny   grown in husbandry (dryland farming). These   Who knows, you may meet me somewhere.
                                                                                  My wife complains that it is impossible to
           hummus restaurant, with a friend. We asked   were sour breads, heavy, flat, and delicious.   hike with me as I always find somebody to
           a few customers, old and young, Jews and   In  local  literature  we  can  find  reports  of   talk to and learn from on my way.
           Muslims, to taste it. They wondered: is this   dozens  of  types  of  breads  that  differ  from
           ours? It was very spicy, different from what   one another by the wheat used, the grinding   Talking about food, eating, and cooking
           we are used to, an imaginative special dish.   system, the oven, the quantity of water, and   together – this is connecting. If we meet on
           It is served in the same way as our hummus,   additional ingredients. I have read many   the trails in Israel, I will serve you local bread
           and looks the same, but its taste is very   reports on discussions by doctors, trying to   soaked in wine vinegar and olive oil – this is
           different; however, very tasty.    define which bread is the best for us. Local   our hospitality. As the saying goes: Breaking
                                              medicine considered bread as the basic food   bread together.
           Now that we have joined our neighbors   that is essential for survival. It is the food   Uri Mayer-Chissick, Israel (PhD), is an expert on local
           eating hummus, we can talk about bread.   that connects us - but for that to happen,   and traditional foodways, lecturer, and researcher of
                                                                                  the history of food and nutrition.
           Israel grows only five percent of the wheat   we must go back to the local bread, sour

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