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View of the Sea of Galilee at the end of the route

           How Abraham Can Help You Hike      logistics. While many of your questions might
           The Jesus Trail                    be  answered  on  the  website,
           As  the  official  operator  of  The  Jesus  Trail,   we wanted to bring up some insider tips that
           Abraham  is  here  to  make  sure  your  trek  is   might be helpful.
           seamless  and  enjoyable.  As  part  of  your
           package,  Abraham  will  take  care  of  your   ● The best time of year: The best season to
           accommodation,  meals,  and  entrance  fees   hike The Jesus Trail is between September and
           to  sites.  We’ll  even  send  your  equipment   April. Summer months in Israel are typically far
           and  anything  you  need  along  to  your   too hot to trek.
           accommodations  as  you  trek.  You  can  view
           our  Jesus  Trail  package  and  pricing  on  the   ●  Pandemic considerations:  Outdoor
           Abraham Tours website (www.abrahamtours.  activities are a safer option if you want to travel
           com)                               but are concerned about COVID-19. By taking   Hikers climbing the stairs up Kernei Hitin
                                              a  self-guided  journey,  traveling  in  your  small
           What’s The Environmental           group, and spending most of your experience
           Impact?                            outdoors, you’ll be keeping a healthy distance   ● How much will it cost me to walk The
                                              from others.
           The Jesus Trail was founded with a few main                            Jesus Trail?:  Budgeting  for  The  Jesus  Trail
           principles, and part of its vision is to increase the   ● Where to stay: The Jesus Trail website has   varies depending on your style of travel. If you
           connection to the natural world, encouraging   suggestions  for  accommodation  along  every   stay in less expensive accommodations such
           environmental care through a ‘leave-no-trace’   step of the journey. Expect to pay about 100   as dorms and B&B’s and only eat one meal out
           approach. The greatest challenge facing The   shekels  ($25)  for  dormitory  accommodation   a day, your budget will be about $50-$100 per
           Jesus Trail today is unfortunately garbage, and   with  breakfast.  There  is  also  the  option   day. If you opt for private hotels and eat your
           unregulated  dumping  is  a  big  issue  in  many   to  camp,  although  we  suggest  staying  in   meals out, this might increase to $250 per day.
           of  the  surrounding  towns.  As  responsible   accommodations  which  supports  the  local
           ecotourists, we’re constantly looking for ways   economies and reduces the impact on nature.   A Trip Unlike Any Other
           to  remedy  this,  which  is  why  cleaning  and   If you choose to camp, you’ll want to ensure   Walking The Jesus Trail is not like any ordinary
           maintaining the trail is one of our main goals.   you have the proper gear.  hike. Not only will you be passing through time
           Teams of volunteers often pick up trash along                          and  history,  but  you’ll  have  the  opportunity
           the way, and trekkers are always encouraged   ● What to bring: One of the most important   to  positively  impact  the  communities  you’re
           to clean up after themselves on the trail.  things to pack is a pair of well-worn shoes that   walking through. The Jesus Trail has built up
                                              are  comfortable  and  sturdy,  such  as  hiking   a  reputation  as  a  world-renowned  trekking
           What Insider  Tips Do  You Have    boots. It’s also recommended you bring modest   route for good reason. This biblical journey is
           About The Jesus Trail?             clothing for when you pass through villages and   an exceptional option for pilgrims and outdoor
           If you’re thinking about hiking The Jesus Trail,   holy sites. Churches will not allow in visitors if   enthusiasts alike and will help make your trip to
           you  probably  have  a  lot  of  questions  about   they are wearing shorts, for example.  Israel unforgettable.

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