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Discover the Land of the Bible Anew
              at Israel Nature and Parks Authority Sites

                                T   h  e      B   i  b  l  e      i  n     n   a   t  u  r   e

           Miriam Feinberg Vamosh
                enesis 2:15 tells us that God put Adam   history and Scripture as well as your group’s   close to Nazareth. What did it truly mean to
                in the Garden of Eden “to work it and   spirit of togetherness.   be  a  builder?  You’ll  find  out  when  you  join
                take care of it.” In the Holy Land, the                           “Touching Time” – conserving the “Wall of the
                men and women of the Israel Nature and   Touching Time            Generations” under the guidance of an expert
           GParks  Authority  spend  every  workday   Zippori National Park       conservator.
           fostering its precious biblical and natural   Pilgrims have long revered Zippori, also called
           sites.  And  now,  through  six  innovative  new   Sepphoris,  as  the  birthplace  of  Mary.  Some   Bet She'an National Park
           programs, you’ll enjoy hands-on experiences   scholars say that Jesus and Joseph may   The biblical city of Beit She'an (1 Sam. 31:10–
           that  will  build  both  your  understanding  of   have been among the builders of this city so   12)  eventually  joined  the  ten  Greco-Roman

                 Herod's palace in Caesarea National Park.
                 Photo: Idan Yitzchakian
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