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Breaking Bread

                   Together                                  Connecting with Israel through the history of food

           By Uri Mayer-Chissick
                  y  journey  into  the  field  of  local   beginning to end in two days and have been   connection; it gives me a common language
                  food started far away in the United   studying local nutrition ever since.  with  my  friends  from  the  neighboring
                  States. On a rainy day, twenty years                            Nazareth.  We  go  together  to  the  fields  to
                  ago,  I  was  roaming  the  streets  of   I  returned  to  Israel  and  started  studying,   see the ripening of the chickpeas, the olive
           MSan  Diego  looking  for  shelter.  I   investigating,  and  searching  for  ways  to   groves  before  the  harvest,  and  to  check
           walked into a second-hand bookstore where   connect  to  the  land  through  its  diet.  I  met   the  grinding  of  the  sesame  seeds  in  the
           I suddenly saw a thick book called ‘Food in   with people, collected stories, listened to folk   local  workshop  (these  are  the  necessary
           History’. It fascinated me and so I bought it   tales and most of the time – ate.  ingredients  for  a  tasty  hummus  spread).  I
           with the little money I had. What I took from                          recently found in an ancient Serian cookery
           this  book  was  the  importance  of  learning   Here,  in  our  small  cooking-pot,  where   book  a  recipe  for  hummus  spread  that  is
           about the history of our diet: Where did the   people  come  from  a  diversity  of  countries,   familiar  to  the  one  we  know,  yet  also  very
           wheat  come  from?  Why  do  we  use  white   there  are  claims  that  hummus  belongs  to   different. We eat hummus in a bowl, warm,
           flour?  Why is there hunger in the world? I   their  culture.  I  have  therefore  learned  that   with lemon and tahini, on pita, usually in the
           realized that in order to understand our way   food can separate us or connect us.  morning.  The  Serian  hummus  recipe  that  I
           of  life,  our  relationships,  the  structure  of                     found from the 13th century is also made of
           society  and  the  economy,  I  had  to  start  at   Chickpeas  have  been  growing  here,  on   chickpeas,  but  uses  wine  vinegar,  pickled
           the beginning; and the starting point is food.   this land, for thousands of years, and were   lemon,  lemon  juice,  parsley,  mint,  nuts,
           I could not stop reading. I read the book from   used  by  its  people.  For  me,  hummus  is  a   cinnamon,  coriander  seeds  and  caraway

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