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The Cenacle. Photo: Flickr,
       Israel Tourism’s photo stream

            A Visit to the Holy Land

          A Life-Changing


           Making the stories of the Bible tangible

           By Nick Mancino – President of Journeys Unlimited

               o other travel experience can compare   final  night  in  Jerusalem,  everyone  gave   This remarkable location is where we read
               with being in the Holy Land. Since   testimony of its impact, with many stating   in  Matthew  16:13-16  that  Jesus  asked  his
               January 9th of this year, with the travel   that it was in fact the highlight of their lives.  disciples:  “Who  do  men  say  that  the  Son
               ban lifted, it’s again possible for us to                          of  man  is?”  they  said:  “Some  say  John
           Nwalk where Jesus walked, and so the   The list of favorite places included the boat   the Baptist, others say Elijah, and others
                                              ride on the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of
           wonderful opportunity to be in the land of the   the Beatitudes, Capernaum, Mt. Carmel,   Jeremiah or  one of  the  prophets.” He  said
           Bible is once again available.     Megiddo, Bethlehem,  Mount of  Olives,  the   to them: “But who do you say that I am?”
                                                                                  Simon Peter replied: “You are the Christ, the
           My first trip to the Holy Land was 51 years   Old City, Via Dolorosa, the Garden Tomb, the   Son of the living God.”
                                              Holy Sepulchre, and the Upper Room. Some
           ago.  I  was  22  years  old  and  working  for   people, like me, could not specify a single
           Wholesale Tours International (WTI), one   site, yet everyone was equally moved. I knew   This is familiar scripture to all Christians, but
           of  the  first  American  companies  to  focus   that my career path was set, and that I would   do you know how significant this site, where
           on faith-based travel to Israel. I was asked   return to Israel again and again.  Jesus chose to ask his disciples this most
           to  escort  Colonel  Sanders  with  his  church                        important question, was? This was a site
           group of 82 passengers on a tour that would   During  the  51  years  that  I  traveled  to  the   that was littered with as many as 14 temples
           include the Soviet Union, Egypt and Israel.   Holy Land, archaeologists have discovered   of idol worship built over centuries under
           The Colonel accepted Jesus Christ as his   and developed many new biblical sites, but   numerous empires.
           savior late in his life, so he was overjoyed to   I still cannot name a favorite place as each
           visit many of the places where Jesus taught   holds  special memories  for me. However,   The respected Bible commentator William
           and walked.                        many pastors and parishioners have sent us   Barclay  wrote:  “Here  indeed  is  a  dramatic
                                              wonderful letters telling us theirs. Recently, I   picture. Here is  a homeless, penniless
           The members of the group were rightly   asked the same question to Harry Welton,   Galilean carpenter, with twelve very ordinary
           impressed with the onion-domed churches   our representative in the Midwest, and his   men around him. At the  moment the
           of Moscow and the Pyramids of Giza, but   response was Caesarea Philippi, one of the   orthodox are actually plotting and planning
           Israel was the highlight of the tour. On our   northernmost sites Christians visit.   to destroy him as a dangerous heretic.

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