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Tel Hazor. Photo: Hagay Dvir.
                  On right: Meet the Ranger activity in
                   the hidden section of Enot Tzukim
                   Nature Reserve.
                   Photo: Shiran Ben Yaacov

           The floating walkway over the wetland, En Afek
           Nature Reserve. Photo: Manu Grinspan

           cities – the Decapolis – where Jesus healed   to clear it will help you appreciate the   farming terraces – exactly as described in
           and preached (Matt. 4:25). When you “touch   determination of the ancients to protect their   Isaiah 5. A few hours of your work here will
           time” in Bet She'an, you’ll help conserve a   city.                    help restore these terraces so they can serve
           wall that bridges the Roman and Byzantine                              as witnesses to the biblical landscape.
           periods.                           Amud Stream
                                              Here you’ll help save the ancient aqueduct   Meet the Ranger
           Avdat National Park                that channeled spring water to flour mills, while   The Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s rangers
           The desert and spiritual life are closely   the 20-minute walk to the site will enrich your   are admired the world over for their pioneering
           entwined in Scripture. Surrounded by the   imagination of Jesus teaching, and walking   work in conservation and in rewilding biblical
           evocative landscape of the Negev, “Touching   the  land  with  the  disciples.  You’ll  also  help   species.
           Time” in Avdat means helping conserve unique   save an endangered species that inhabits the
           elements of the Roman army camp, whose   aqueduct – the Near Eastern fire salamander.   Enot Tsukim Nature Reserve
           once-mighty empire gave way to Christianity,   According to St. Augustine, it could live in fire   Enot Tsukim is the perfect addition to your
           evident in Avdat with its ancient churches.  and not burn – proof of the existence of Hell.    Dead Sea touring day, an oasis at the foot of
                                                                                  stark desert cliffs. Your ranger will take you on
           Volunteering for Nature            Mount Carmel National Park          a private tour of the “hidden reserve” usually
           God’s commandment in Genesis to care   Elijah bested the prophets of Baal by bringing   closed to visitors to protect its fragile flora and
           for the earth, Psalm 104’s catalog of God’s   down  fire  from  heaven  on  Mount  Carmel  (1   fauna. Not only will you learn firsthand about
           creatures, and the desire to preserve sites for   Kings 18). This forest of pines, carobs, cypress,   the valuable work of the INPA rangers, but
           future generations, are the inspiration for this   and old-growth oaks literally brings the Bible to   you’ll also deepen your understanding of the
           program.                           life. Join the efforts to do so by helping build   intersection of water, plants, and desert as a
                                              and maintain nature trails.         key biblical symbol of salvation.
           Hazor National Park
           At Hazor you can see what might be evidence   Haniya Spring            En Afek Nature Reserve
           of the great fire with which Joshua burned the   The ancient Haniya Spring, where Philip   “Even the storks know the time of their
           city (Josh. 11:10). The remarkable Israelite-  baptized  the  Ethiopian  eunuch,  is  back  on   migration...” (Jer. 8:7). And so will you, as you
           period water system is sorely in need of your   pilgrims’ itineraries: After years of labor, the   participate  in  the  banding  project  that  helps
           attention. Since its discovery, this deep shaft   Roman-era fountain has been excavated and   monitor and protect some of the millions of
           has  been  filled  with  sediment.  Volunteering   restored. Surrounding the fountain are ancient   birds that land in En Afek, in the land of Asher,

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