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Warm greetings to you from the Israel Ministry of Tourism.
                           This last year was a fantastic year for Christian tourism to
                           the Holy Land, as travel to Israel has gotten back on track.
                           From north to south, east to west, Israel offers an experience
                           of faith and history like nowhere else, where the bible stories   Israel Ministry of Tourism,
                                                                       North America
                           come to life, enabling you to see history where it was made
                           and  letting  you  experience  the  life-changing,  faith-building   Chad Martin
                                                                       Director, North East Region
                           wonder that is Israel.                      NYC                    Published by:
                                                               Lishar Publlications Ltd.

           Israel is ancient, but is in a continuous process of rediscovery and renewal – new   Jill Daly  Publisher & Editor in Chief
                                                                                              Itzhak Shani
           archaeological  sites  are  constantly  being  found,  dug  and  opened  to  the  public,   Director, Midwest Region  Editor
           popular sites are being renovated and improved, and all over the country new hotels,  Leoni Jesner

           restaurants and museums are opening – so that whether you will be traveling for the   Lorin Maugery, Consul  Graphic Design and Production
           first time or visiting again – Israel never gets old, and you are guaranteed to have the   Director, Southern Region  Yael Volberg - Studio Yood
           experience of a lifetime!                           Editorial Coordinator
                                                                                              Esther Shani
                                                                       Dina Orenbach, Consul  Marketing & Sales
           We are delighted to share this new edition of the Holy Land Magazine with you. May it   Director, Western Region  Liron Eshel, Avi Sharon
           inspire you to come and explore this ancient land, walking in the footsteps of Jesus of   Los Angeles  Editorial Offices
           Nazareth, and the prophets, priests, and kings of old experiencing Israel firsthand and      26 Hahermon Street
                                                                       Gal Hana, Consul       Rishon Lezion 7523826
           up close as you enter into the greatest story the world has ever known.  Director, Canada  Israel
                                                                       Toronto                Tel. 972-3-9674031
           Israel, exactly like nowhere else!                  Marketing & Sales
                                                                                              Tel. 972-3-9674032
                                                Eyal Carlin, Consul                 
                                             Israel Tourism Commissioner,                     Website
                                                   North America                    
                                                                                              © All rights reserved. Commercial or
           To learn more visit:                                        any other use of the material contained
                                                                                              in this magazine is prohibited execept
                                                                                              by prior written permission of the
           Nonstop Masada 4   The Old/New Holy Land* 8   Going up to                          The content of the advertisements in
                                                                                              this issue of The Holyland Magazine
           Jerusalem 12   Discover the Land of the Bible Anew 16   Kfar Kama 22               is the sole responsibility of the
           Bringing the Bible to Life in the Golan 24   Exodus, Passover, and the
                                                                                              Front Cover: Blooming in the Golan
           Song of the Sea 28   It Happened in Israel 30   The Jerusalem                      Heights with a backdrop of Mount
                                                                                              Photo: Roni Alush
           Marathon 34  A Special Tour in Honor of Israel’s 75th Anniversary 36
           Visiting Gush Etzion 40   Joshua’s Altar 42   The Israel Bike Trail 46

           Traveling to Israel with My Church 54
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